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Petra Joy bio


Strawberry Seductress

Following over two decades working as a director shooting many documentaries about sexuality, Petra founds Strawberry Seductress, an erotic photography service aimed at women and couples.

Sexual Sushi

Petra produces and directs her first erotic film as an experiment to see if she can bring her vision of female-centred sexuality to the screen. This unique erotic film, featuring a real-life couple and an artistic approach to erotic filmmaking, becomes a surprise success – even though or because it breaks all the mainstream porn rules.

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Porn Film Fest Berlin

Petra was the filmmaker in focus at the first Pornfilmfest in Berlin where she and her cast showed Sexual Sushi and a preview of Female Fantasies to an enthusiastic audience in sold-out cinemas. Petra secured DVD distribution, and the first copies of Sexual Sushi appear in sex shops across Europe.


Female Fantasies

Petra releases her critically-acclaimed follow up to Sexual Sushi, Female Fantasies. This film gathers much media attention and is the recipient of several awards.

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Adult Movie Making

In the same year Petra publishes the book Adult Movie Making for Couples with Harper Collins. This book is published in England, France, Germany, America and Australia and becomes the basis of porn workshops for women that Petra taught Europe-wide.

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The short film Cruising (from Female Fantasies) is shown at the British Film Institute in London as part of the Lesbian and Gay film festival.

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Her Porn series

Finding similar-minded female directors through festival appearances and networking, Petra began to produce the best-selling Her Porn compilation series in 2008, giving fellow female directors a place to collect and distribute their erotic films that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. The Her Porn titles have been a hit, and Petra has gone on to curate six volumes of the series – featuring a great variety of female fantasies by accomplished directors from all over the world. Some of these titles are now available to view on Cinema Joy.

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Feeling It, Not Faking it

Petra releases her third erotic film Feeling It, Not Faking it featuring more exciting erotic short films.

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Petra Joy Awards

Inspired by the idea of promoting established female directors, as well as mentoring new ones, Petra created the Petra Joy Awards in 2009, with the winning submissions on the topic of ‘Female Fantasies‘ being shown at the Pornfilmfest Berlin at a glittering awards ceremony. Many of the winners have continued to shoot erotic films and become big names in the alternative porn production.

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Petra appears on the panel of the Birdseyeview film festival in London.

Blue Wedding

In June 2009 feminist icons Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens enjoyed their Blue Wedding in Oxford. Petra documented the inspirational event on film.

Her Porn vol 2

The second collection of exciting female-made erotica curated by Petra Joy is released.

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Petra in the USA

Candida Royalle releases Petra’s film Feeling It in the States. This business cooperation formed the basis of a lifelong friendship between the two. You can watch them discussing the film and female-made erotica.

The Female Voyeur

Petra focuses most of this year on the production of her technically most ambitious film The Female Voyeur that features sumptuous sets and sensual sound-scaping. From the first casting until the finishing touches in the edit suite, eight months go by.


The Female Voyeur

The Female Voyeur is released in 2011 to great acclaim and wins the feminist porn award in Toronto for the “steamiest straight movie”.

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Her Porn vol 3

Her Porn vol 3 is released.

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The She Pornographer

Petra was commissioned by Heyne to write an autobiography about her work as a feminist porn director and activist and spent many months creating this exciting read, which continued to make headlines.

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A Taste Of Joy

In the same year Petra published her film A Taste Of Joy, featuring new short films by Petra as well as the documentary The Joy Of Porn – a behind the scenes look at Petra’s work as a feminist porn director, producer and distributor.

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Petra Joy Awards

The Petra Joy Awards returned for a second time and Petra awards four new filmmakers prize money and trophies in recognition or their innovative approach to adult filmmaking.

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Her Porn vol 4

Her Porn vol 4 is released

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Her Porn vol 5

Her Porn vol 5 is released featuring the best of female-made erotica from across the world, hand-picked by Petra.

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Female Fantasies in the USA

Candida Royalle brought Petra’s Female Fantasies to a new audience by distributing this Joy classic in America under her label.

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10 years of Joy

2014 saw an important milestone for Petra, marking 10 years since the release of “Sexual Sushi” and the birth of her successful erotic film label.

“When I shot Sexual Sushi ten years ago I considered this a creative experiment rather than a new career or business venture. I am grateful that ten years down the line the interest in my explicit erotic films from a female perspective continues to grow and want to thank all the wonderful people who have been part of my journey and continue to support my productions!”

(S)he Comes!

Released in spring 2014, this sensual porn film depicts authentic lust, and focuses on performer pleasure and orgasms. The film is premiered at the Pornfilmfest Berlin and is shown at erotic film festivals around the world.

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Freedom fight

At the end of 2014 Petra took part in the anti-porn censorship demonstration in London and connects with fellow erotic filmmakers and sexual freedom fighters.


Her Porn vol 6

Her Porn vol 6 is released featuring the best of female-made erotica from across the world, hand-picked by Petra.

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Come Together

Petra releases her seventh erotic movie, Come Together.

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Come Again?

Petra is currently shooting her eighth feature Come Again (working title) that will be released at the end of this year.


The wait was worth it: at last Petra launches her online cinema Cinema Joy – open 24/7 for all lovers of authentic, artistic and erotic films no matter where they are in the world. Come on in, have a look and enjoy!

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