Candida Royalle
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Candida Royalle

Director, Producer and Educator

Candida Royalle (, former president of Femme Productions®, was a frequent TV and radio guest and sought after expert on issues of relationships, sexuality and women’s self-empowerment. She was the author of “How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice From a Woman who Knows”. Royalle first became known for pioneering the genre of erotic movies by and for women and couples. Widely used by counselors and sexologists, her work received international accolades for its sex-positive, egalitarian approach to sexuality and eroticism. What made Royalle’s story particularly unique is that she was a popular adult film star, having appeared in about 25 films between 1975 and ’80. Disenchanted with what she felt were overly graphic, insensitive films that completely ignored the needs of women, she felt it was high time for someone to create erotic movies that women could enjoy. Add that to women’s growing curiosity about sexy films – thanks to the second wave of feminism that took place in the late ‘60’s – and the advent of home video, providing a safe place for women to take a peek, Candida knew she was on to something. Combining her first hand experience in front of the camera with an education that included art and theater (NYC’s High School of Art and Design, Parson’s School of Design, City University of New York), Royalle established Femme Productions® in 1984 going on to produce and direct eighteen ‘woman-friendly’ erotic films dedicated to giving a woman’s voice to a previously male dominated genre. Candida passed away aged 64 in New York after battling ovarian cancer.

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