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Morgana Muses


Morgana Muses is the age-positive, sex-positive creative director of Permission 4 Pleasure. She shares her journey of sexual exploration with audiences through her award winning films.
Morgana is a first generation Australian born to European parents. Her upbringing focused strongly on how a good woman should behave and appear in private and in public. Becoming a wife and mother was considered to be the ultimate achievement for a woman. Sex and sexuality were never discussed during her upbringing, they were considered completely taboo.
Thus began a twenty year period where Morgana had to stifle the sexual side of herself in favour of being a good woman in the eyes of her family. During her marriage, she experienced twelve years of celibacy until she couldn´t take it any longer.
At the tender age of 47, two years after leaving her marriage Morgana decided to embark on her journey of sexual exploration and learning, breaking out of the role that had been imposed on her.
In 2012 she was the recipient of the Petra Joy Award for first time filmmakers for her entry Duty Bound which detailed her own experience with hiring a male escort.
She then collaborated with Anna Brownfield and Sensate Films, having her films screen at Cinekink and at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2013 and 2014.
In 2015 she won best short documentary at Cinekink for her short It´s My Birthday and I´ll Fly if I Want To which detailed her 50th birthday gift to herself, she also won the 2015 Heart Throb of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto.
Morgana relocated to Berlin and continues to create avant garde erotica and porn. Including Breathtaking- 2016, Having My Cake 2015, and Ritual + Worship 2017.
I want my films to act as a reminder to myself and others that there is no expiration date on our sexual pleasure". -
Morgana Muses Permission 4 Pleasure is Morgana´s production company specialising in erotic, female based stories and ideas.

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